The match between Benfica and Porto is always striking, but the edition that will be played in day 30 of the Portuguese League will be special because the winner will stay at the top of the standings with four matches remaining. The game will start at 2:00 PM Brasília time.

Match Schedule:
Benfica vs. Porto
Portugal - Primeira Liga
Date: 15 April 2018; Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: Lisboa

The Eagles arrive as the favorites to be at home, also they have a point of advantage, so if they come out winners will get a considerable advantage being that the season is about to end and is approaching its title 37. The striker becomes more and more important in the squad, which is shown in the number of minutes that go up, besides that he is the player who charges the penalties.

The Dragons have the possibility of jumping to the lead and in the process get the advantage of two units, but in case of a draw or a fall, the scenario will be complicated for the final stretch of the campaign that is only between the two teams.

If someone knows how to disarm Jimenez is his former teammate in America, he has shared countless training and games, so it will be crucial to the performance of the defender to cut the attacks of the number 9.

Benfica's campaign is 23 wins, 5 draws and 1 defeat, in addition to having the best attack of the competition, with 75 goals scored. Porto have 23 wins, 4 draws and 2 defeats, standing out for having the best defense and the second best attack.