There have running many football tournament at this time. English Premier League is one of them. This English Premier League is very popular in worldwide. Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea team are especially popular in EPL.

Spanish Primera Division is another popular tournament at this time. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Malaga, Valencia, Real Sociedad etc are most favorite team in Spanish Primera Division. This football tournament is also known as La Liga.

Now, every day a different championship game is played. When we see a light in the impenetrable jungle is because there is a football field. My experience so far shows that it is true. Playing football here is another story, because physically there is no competition. The importance of the sport is reflected in the clothes. In a rural area in the middle of the jungle takes the shirt is more of a football team.

Italian Serie A is also top tournament at this time. In Serie A there have many popular team faces each other. Inter Milan, Juventus, Roma, Atalanta, Bologna, AC Milan, Napoli, Sampdoria etc is very attractive in this Italian Serie A.

French Ligue 1 is the football tournament for French people. PSG, Marseille, Lille, Sochaux, Lyon, Montpellier atc is the best team in French Ligue 1.

Champions League matches are critical events during the year. I do not know the figures for worldwide audience of the Olympics, but I think nothing generates more global expectation that a World Cup football. I've been enjoying a credit of Real Madrid for a few seasons.