Today 27 June in Euro 2016 Italy and Spain will be played each other on 1/8 finals of the tournament. Kickoff time is 12:00 PM. Venue is Stade de France.

Match Schedule:
Italy vs. Spain
UEFA Euro 2016 Round of 16
Date: 27 June, 12:00 PM
Stadium: Stade de France

The champions and vice-champions of Europe will meet in the 1/8 finals of the tournament on Euro 2016. At Euro 2016 the legendary stadium "Stade de France" had the honor to spend just two finals: official, which will be held on July 10, and early.

The finalists of the previous tournament held the group stage in the same time: two wins at the start, early exit in the playoffs, and then an unexpected defeat in the third round. But the "furies Roja" in contrast to the "Azzurri" six points to win the group did not have enough, and as a result two formidable teams will meet on the first stage of the playoffs.

In recent years, Spain has more than successfully playing against Italy in the two previous European Championships was "fury Roja" crossing the road to the Italians. The favorite’s pireneytsy will be this time. The match against Turkey (3: 0) showed that buried tiki Taku at the international level early. The second youth tournament going through Andres Iniesta, Xavi and without which successfully leads the team forward.

Spanish team looked much more confident. Let the 2010 World Champions, the fans do not mind defeat by Croatia. In the end, the Spaniards did not realize a lot of things, but Sergio Ramos managed to score a penalty.